New   equipment

Arraycon owns and operates 6 ABI vibratory pile machines, and we have worked together with local and international manufacturers to adapt our machines directly to the installation of solar plant foundations.
This not only provides a faster and more precise civil construction phase, but eliminates the usage of cement for foundations, which is a leading producer of CO2 globally.
We believe in keeping our environment Green!

our   featured   equipment

...  also   available   for  rent

  • 6 ABI Vibratory Machines with the latest technology installed
  • 6 pile drivers and hammer

Equipment   Benefits

All of our equipment is T-3 Compliant

Owning all our own equipment allows us more flexibility when working in dynamic environments. When job dates slide or move, we are able to control our pricing more efficiently due to equipment availability and the fact that we do not have to rely on renting equipment. Additionally, when renting equipment, inaccessibility or increased cost during peak season can both become a factor on the bottom line. Both of which are a non-factor due to the fact that we own all of our equipment.