EPC   services   overview


As the premier installer of foundations and solar panel racking components we leverage our fleet of foundation, mechanical and general construction equipment as well as our combined 100 years of experience to provide EPC services for projects in the range of 1-10 megawatts. As your EPC partner, we will work with you and your team to make design decisions and equipment and warranty selections that meet the performance standards and desired needs for the project. We will oversee all design and engineering, and will work with you to procure industry leading components in order to provide the best performing and most robust system for long term operation. Our mission is simple, to provide our customers and partners with a complete range of solutions, a seamless design build experience, outstanding service and competitive pricing for their projects.

Foundation/Mechanical Erection

Arraycon has extensive knowledge in foundation design and have built some of the most complex utility-scale solar plants throughout the world. We have dealt with complex soil conditions, interconnection issues, and permitting. We also provide Test Pile design and engineering analysis in order to provide the lowest cost to your foundation needs. For the last 15 years, Arraycon has been focusing on and dedicated to improving the methods used in solar plant construction. We continue to strive to improve our techniques in order to lower the cost of installation on utility-scale solar energy plants around the world. With over 1 Gigawatt of installations, we have built up unparalleled experience with driven-pile foundations. We focus on cutting edge, low impact construction methods which have been implemented in North America and throughout the world. Arraycon has built some of the most complex grid connect systems in the world.

System/Plant Decommissioning

As solar plants reach the end of their useful life, ArrayCon can provide expertise and services in the removal and recycling of these systems. We will apply our knowledge of the construction of solar power systems to effectively dismantle all components with the intention of returning the site to its natural condition.  Arraycon has selected key partners to support its effort to properly recycle all materials, keeping environmental conditions and Owner requirements in mind during all phases of removal. Finally we work very closely with the system owner to make sure there are no impacts to adjacent operations or neighboring activity.