2014 Ranking

Ranked 15th among the "Top 400
Solar Contractors in the US"
"Provided by Solar Power World"

2015 Ranking

Ranked 4th among the "Top 500
Solar Contractors in the US" and
ranked 1st in "Solar Construction firms" 

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"Provided by Solar Power World"

2016 Ranking

Ranked 4th overall "Top 500
Solar Contractors in the US",
Ranked 1st among the Top 20
"Solar Construction Firms in the US"
ranked 3rd among the "Top 50 Solar
Utility Contractors in North America".
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"Provided by Solar Power World"

Who   We   Are

For over a decade, the members of Arraycon have been dedicated to improving the methods used in construction of solar energy plants around the world. With over 1,000 Megawatts of installations in the USA and Canada we have built up unparalleled experience with driven-pile foundation's, electrical and mechanical installations, and construction management of large-scale and DG solar farms.

As the premier foundation and mechanical installer of solar PV arrays and design build contractor, our mission is to provide our customers and partners with a seamless experience, outstanding service and competitive pricing for their projects.